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Greater Portland Greater Tomorrow is an evolving effort to weave together the diverse array of organizations advancing economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and social well-being in the Portland (Maine) region. 

The places that prosper and protect their quality of life in the 21st century are those that bring “all hands on deck” to control their own destinies. They are the places that continually strive to build the connections among the public, private and non-profit sectors, and that recognize that the three pillars of community health - economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and social equity – are tightly intertwined. Whether it’s green jobs, the creative economy, transportation, food security, energy independence, education, or community wellness, the challenges, as well as the regional expertise, cross the traditional boundaries.

Collaboration among our communities’ diverse sectors is growing. Greater Portland Greater Tomorrow is creating tools to take this collaboration to the next level. Our region has more than its fair share of exceptional organizations and innovative thinkers.  Greater Portland Greater Tomorrow is creating a common “meeting place" where we can all join together to chart a course forward. 


Our on-line calendar of policy, business and community development events provides a one-stop-shop for leaders, organizational staff, entrepreneurs, and government officials to find out where important decisions are being considered, connections can be made, and ideas are being debated. Click here for the current calendar.